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The best technology is the kind that you never have to think about. We think about our technology all the time, mostly so you don't ever have to. In case you're wondering, though, it goes a little something like this when you become a member...


This is Sam.

He's a member of Zipcar for Business. We're going to show you how Sam and his colleagues at GeeBiz, Inc. use Zipcar technology.

With just a wave of a Zipcar, Sam has 24/7 access to Zipcars all around the world. This is not by chance. We work at it everyday to ensure that members like Sam and businesses like GeeBiz can easily tap into the power of Zipcar technology.

Laptop computer Zipcar Map


Sam heads to Zipcar.ca to get started.

Opening an Account

First, Sam signs up his business at Zipcar.ca. Next, he invites his colleagues to join the GeeBiz account. When someone applies, he's alerted by email and approves (or rejects) them online.

Reserving a Car

Sam signs in at Zipcar.ca. He can browse cars nearby or search by time, location, price or model. He can book minutes (or months) in advance.

Managing his Account

Sam can access the account online where information is updated in real time. He can see who used which car and when, what they used it for, and how far they traveled.

Zipcard Zipcars sign


Sam uses his Zipcard to access Zipcars.

Accessing a Zipcar

Sam holds his Zipcard against the card reader in the windshield. Thanks to RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, the car "knows" that he has a reservation, and the doors unlock!

Locking and Unlocking

Throughout his trip, Sam uses his Zipcard to lock and unlock the doors. While the key stays inside, no one can start the car without scanning in with the correct Zipcard first.

Returning the Car

Sam returns the Zipcar to its reserved parking location and locks up with his Zipcard. Within a few hours, the details of his trip are available online.

mobile phone Zipcar sign


Sam's mobile gives him the freedom of wheels when he wants them, from anywhere.

Zipcar iPhone and Android™ App

Sam can use his iPhone or Android™ device to quickly find and reserve Zipcars around the corner or across the globe. Once he's scanned in with his Zipcard, he can tap the keyfob in the app to lock and unlock the doors, and even honk the horn of any Zipcar enabled with this feature. Visit our mobile app page

Zipcar Mobile Website

Sam can reserve Zipcars on-the-go from any mobile phone by visiting Zipcar.ca.

Alerts and 2-Way Texting

Since Sam's signed up for alerts, he receives a text near the end of his reservation. If the car's available and he'd like to extend, he can simply text us back.

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