drive cars by the hour or day

drive Zipcars by the hour or the day.

A Zipcar for Business membership gives you self-service access to cars parked near your office 24/7. And no matter where you drive, gas and insurance are always included in the low hourly and daily rates for SUVs, hybrids, trucks and more. Just reserve online, unlock with your Zipcard, and drive.

Camaraderie is a shared office space in the historic St Lawrence Market neighbourhood. But it’s more than just a workplace. It’s a community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads across all industries looking for a collaborative culture that allows you to work independently, not alone. (And it’s affordable, even on a startup budget.) Because as many entrepreneurs know, the key to success is doing more with less. Hit the ground running with a Zipcar for Business account and enjoy low business rates for all Monday - Friday driving.

To get your company on board, contact Jason Bricker either by phone at 617.995.4235 or email at Make sure to provide your name, email, phone number and he will contact you to answer any questions and help get you all set up.

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Special discount through Camaraderie

We'll waive your $75 setup fee when you sign up for Zipcar membership through Camaraderie.

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did you know?

It took 2 years to get the first 1,000 Zipcar members. Today it takes a few days. 
Every Zipcar in our fleet of thousands has its own unique name. 
You can fit 33,000 IKEA meatballs in a MINI (yes, we tried once). 
Zipcar's lineup includes more than 50 makes and models. 
Zipcar's 2002 fleet included 5 electric cars.