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You already find and pay for parking on your phone - why not do the same with a car.

Join Zipcar and gain access to 12,000+ vehicles parked around the globe, all reservable by the hour or day from your phone.  In partnership with Honk, we're offering you $20 in free Zipcar driving credit* to get on the road.


How Zipcar Works


When your current ride isn't enough, use Zipcar for an extra set of wheels. 

Maybe your partner has the car and you're stranded without a ride. Maybe your small sedan won't cut it for hauling that sweet IKEA find.  Or maybe you'd like to ditch the high cost of car ownership altogether. 

Whatever your reason, sign up for Zipcar and Own the Trip, Not the Car!



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*Terms and conditions

Credit Offer is only available to Honk users who become new Zipcar members. In order to receive Credit Offer, a member needs to successfully complete a Zipcar applicaton via above link, be approved based on Zipcar's Eligibility guidlines, and activate their Zipcard. The Credit Offer will be available July 4 - August 31, 2017. Driving credits will be active for 2 months from date of member signup.



Ready to Get Started?


Sign up for our annual plan (just $70/year) and get $20 in free driving credit!


Your $20 credit will automatically apply on the billing page.


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