United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Rates & Plans

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Learn about Zipcar membership rates and pick a car sharing plan that fits your lifestyle. Once you've joined, you can reserve cars by the hour or day. Rates will differ based on where you drive and the type of car you're driving.

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occasional driving

Our most popular plan,
great for first-time car sharers.

no monthly commitment

Drive as much or as little as you
like and pay as you go.

low driving rates

(from [custom:odp_weekday_hourly_rate]/hr and [custom:odp_weekday_daily_rate]/day)


Included with every plan: gas, insurance and up to [custom:odp_distance_included] free miles per day

25 USD one-time application fee
70 USD/year

Up to [custom:odp_distance_included] miles included per day; additional miles from [custom:odp_distance_overage_rate]; varies by country; see details. Insurance is included; a damage fee of up to 1,000 USD may apply if you're involved in an accident with your Zipcar; see details.

Reservation rates, fees and taxes are subject to change and may depend on other factors such as applicable promotions or special offers. You may review your total estimated reservation cost before you confirm your reservation.

United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) car sharing rates & plans

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United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)