compare to rental

You could rent a car (but that would be silly).

Car rental is great if you don't mind standing in long lines. Not to mention, you're usually paying for gas, insurance and parking. But that's not what the Zipcar way of life is all about. With Zipcar, you're free from paying for all three (they're included) and your Zipcard opens the door to any Zipcar in any Zipcar city – whether you're there for business or pleasure.

When considering rental cars over Zipcar, it's helpful to play a little game of "OR":

Stand in line and wait for your rental car
Skip jovially through the city waving to locals and whistling, picking up your car around the corner?
Pay for gas and insurance
Pay a low hourly or daily rate that includes gas, insurance and mileage?
Race back to the rental lot sweaty and panicked to return your car before 5:00PM
Extend your reservation using your mobile device, and then finish enjoying your dinner?
Listen to on-hold music for 45 minutes only to learn that the rental office is closed for the day
Call Zipcar Member Services 24/7 and talk to a real person?
Turn on the AM/FM radio and adjust the mirrors on the four door
Reserve one of our luxury Zipcars and adjust to being comfortable. And happy.