how much fun (or work) can you fit into a few hours?

It's hard reserving BMWs, MINIs, Hybrids, Volvos, trucks, coupes, SUVs – whatever you want, whenever you want, but our members seem to do all right. Zipsters may get their start running errands and moving couches, but in the end there is just something about freedom that no one can resist. Check out these real Zipsters, their real Zipcars, and the real stories they have to tell.


Ian C., San Francisco Bay Area

Zipcar at Baker Beaker

Here's a photo from a recent trip to Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was for my girlfriend Christine's birthday (she's in the picture), so I rented a yellow MINI for half the day, and picked her up from work for a fun trip to the beach. I also brought along a bright yellow sunflower and a bottle of lemonade to match the car... she loved it.

Ian C.
San Francisco Bay Area
Joshua M., Boston

Adventures of a Skateboarding Attorney

Zipcars take me to two main destinations: jail and the skatepark. During the week, I'm an immigration lawyer. This means that I have to visit clients in jails around New England. On the weekends, I'm a skateboarder. Until they build a skatepark in Boston, this means that I have to drive out to the suburban skateparks. Both of these require me to leave Boston. If I didn't have Zipcar, the gas and insurance payments I'd be paying would be coming straight out of my sushi budget—a reality I am going to avoid for as long as possible.

Joshua M.
Claire S. and Chris H., Washington DC

The Getaway Car

Zipcar played an excellent role in my wedding. My husband and I are members in Washington, DC but were married outside of Chicago, in my hometown. We reserved a MINI Cooper and it made a gorgeous, fun and photogenic getaway car for our "destination" wedding on Lake Michigan. We were able to put the money we saved on a rental car towards the band, the food, and the honeymoon instead. Thank you Zipcar!

Claire S. and Chris H.
Washington DC
Carrie C., Pittsburgh

Lights, camera, Zipcar!

What do you do when you have to make a road movie in just 48 hours and there's not enough room to film in a car and carry all of the equipment? Well, if you're a smart producer (and Zipster) like me, you get a 5-door Subaru Impreza, load it up and follow the action!

I was part of a small but determined team of filmmakers who recently took part in the 48 Hour Film Project in Pittsburgh. On Friday night, we were given a genre (road movie), required character, prop and line of dialog. In just 48 hours, we had to write, film and edit a short movie including all of these elements. For 24 of those hours, my Zipcar was our trusty production support vehicle, carrying all of the equipment around town as we filmed. We successfully completed our 48 hour road movie—it's titled "Complications," but thanks to Zipcar, getting an extra vehicle when we needed it wasn't one of them!

Carrie C.
Mike and Meg, New York/New Jersey


After a sweltering summer, held captive by busy work schedules and shrinking account balances, my girlfriend and I were yearning to escape from the city. On October 13th we finally threw all caution (and financial security) to the wind and decided to buy a sailboat.

Meg had found the perfect boat...a nearly new (only once sailed) Laser from the Dinghy Shop in Amityville, NY. We had the perfect Saturday planned... we'd make the trip to Amityville to pick up the boat, take a short trip across the border to Noroton, CT (where there happened to be a Laser Regatta scheduled for the day), then we'd hop over to Cedar Point Yacht Club where Meg had decided to keep her boat for the winter "frostbiting" season. The only obstacle? It's not so easy to sail a boat along I-95.

I pulled out my Zipcard to great applause. We clicked the Zipcar bookmark on my laptop and typed in our info... We rocked out the whole way to Amityville. When we saw the boat we realized [there was a] problem... But we were determined, and creative, and Meg is really good at tying knots...(see photo)

Thanks Zipcar. You guys rock!

Mike and Meg
New York/New Jersey
Diane M., Boston

A MINI for my mum

My mum always dreamed of having a ride in her favorite car....The MINI. Until Zipcar, there had been no way to make my mum's dream ride come true. So on a beautiful October day, my husband and I picked her up and drove to Harvard Square. I ran to the garage and found our car waiting right where they said it would be. I waved the magic card, and the doors opened for me! I hopped in and drove outside where I beeped the horn, and surprised my Mum with a bright red (her favorite color) MINI. AND it was a convertible... she had never ridden in a convertible car before. As mother and daughter, we drove off smiling in the warm Autumn sunshine for a day of leaf peeping and time together. Thank you Zipcar, for a dream come true.

Diane M.
Amy M., Rutgers University

Shopping Turns Beach Combing

Every three weeks we take a Zipcar out for the day to get our grocery shopping done. The last time we took one out, the weather was absolutely amazing and I decided that we should hit the beach. Thankfully, no other Zipsters had reserved the car for the remainder of the day, so we booked it for extra time, got lost along the way, and ended up at the prettiest, quietest beach in New Jersey.

Having never been to the beach before, I was crazy excited. We even found a starfish in the tide! It made me feel like I was 5 again—that never would have happened if I hadn't had access to a Zipcar.

Amy M.
Rutgers University
Sally J., Chicago

Mustang Sally

My name is Sally and I've always wanted a Mustang. I'm telling you, since I was 4 years old I've wanted one—Wilson Pickett was preaching to the choir! So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Zipcar added a red Mustang convertible to their line-up—I couldn't book it fast enough.

I am not kidding, I bought a head scarf, picked up three friends, and we rode up and down Lakeshore Drive, blasting that song with the top down. Yes, a bit cheesy, but baby, it felt so good. The day ended and I was forced to "put my flat feet on the ground," but I do go back out every now and then. After all, I'm Sally, and I need to riiiiiiide Sally riiiide.

Sally J.
Justin F., Portland

Crater Lake National Park

My girlfriend and I recently used a Portland-based Zipcar to drive down to Crater Lake National Park, OR. After hiking to the top of Mt. Scott (the highest peak within the park), we took a break at one of the many scenic overlook points. Before she woke up, I jumped out of the car and snapped this photograph. I thought you might enjoy it! Thanks for providing a great product!

Justin F.