Columbus State University Occasional Driving Plan

Occasional Driving Plan is a smart choice if:

  • The thought of a monthly commitment gives you the shivers.
  • You aren't sure how often you'll drive.
  • You own a car, but have the occasional need for another buggy.

What does it cost to join?

  • You pay a one-time 25 USD application fee.
  • Your annual fee of 70 USD.
  • No deposit
  • No monthly commitment

What does it cost to drive?

  • Depending on the car model, drive from 7.50 USD/hour and 69 USD/day (any 24-hour period) during the week and 8.50 USD/hour and 77 USD/day on Friday through Sunday. Gas, insurance and up to 180 FREE miles are included.

Can I change my plan?

  • You can change your driving plan online anytime.

What about housemates or family?

  • Once you join, you can add other drivers to your account. It's 25 USD to apply. There's a 35 USD annual fee.
join zipcar

zip n' save cash

When you join

Annual fee
70 USD
Application fee
25 USD

When you drive

Monday - Thursday
Hourly rates from
7.50 USD
Daily rates from
69 USD
Friday - Sunday
Hourly rates from
8.50 USD
Daily rates from
77 USD

What's Included

180 free miles

Up to 180 miles included per day; additional miles from 0.45 USD; varies by country; see details. Insurance is included; a damage fee of up to 0 USD may apply if you're involved in an accident with your Zipcar; see details.

To cover short-term changes in costs (fuel, parking, etc.), sometimes we have to raise or lower our rates a little. So when you book a reservation, check the estimated cost. This will show you the current price (minus tolls, extra mileage or other incidental charges). Select holidays will reflect seasonal weekend rates. When reserving, check the price shown to see your actual reservation cost.