savings versus car ownership

compare us to car ownership

It's super expensive to own a car in the city. You knew that. In fact, that's why you're here. Here are some stats to help decide if Zipcar is right for you.

Car Ownership

Car: Something similar to a SEAT Ibiza.

Car payment:
(including registration and depreciation)
199 EUR
Finance charges:
37 EUR
51 EUR
132 EUR
Driving Tax and Vehicle Inspection:
12 EUR
Maintenance and tires:
41 EUR
(estimated by Zipcar)
130 EUR
602 EUR

EUR602/mo is a lot of money!
That's about 120 hours or 10 days of Zipcar driving.


Car: Whatever your whim - a Toyota Yaris one day, a Renault Megane the next.

If you drive a lot:
Several trips each week and a weekend trek out to the country (10 two-hour, 2 three-hour and 2 24-hour reservations)
319 EUR
If you drive a fair amount:
A couple trips each week (6 two-hour and 2 four-hour reservations)
107 EUR
If you don't drive much:
About one trip a week
(4 one-hour reservations)
29 EUR

You save hundreds each month. You pay only for what you use. Use our savings calculator to see exactly how much you can save.

Loads of members have told us they either sold their car or decided not to buy one after joining Zipcar. Each shared vehicle takes 15-20 personally-owned cars off the road. Think of all the good that's doing for the environment and community.

Members also tell us they save over EUR4000 a year using Zipcar! They appreciate the low rates, living without the hassle of car maintenance and that we pay for gas, parking and insurance. Oh, the fun new cars don't hurt either.

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